Dear residents:

The HOA Board has recently adopted new rules and regulations on covering or hiding trash and recycle cans on the exterior of your home through the use of a fence. Please stay tuned for the official announcement coming soon.

If you have immediate questions or concerns beforeĀ  we send out the official notice, please contact Deborah at the Sentry offices.

Thank you.

6-Year I-4 Construction Project Begins Soon

Many of you may have heard about the huge I-4 construction project to begin this year. It is going to make driving I-4 between Kirkman Rd and SR 436 area quite a mess for a supposed 6-years.

If you drive this route for work or other reasons you may wish to head to and sign up for email and/or text alerts. There is a lot of other info about the project there, as well. Now may be the time to start looking for alternate routes to your destinations such as the 429 or the 417 & 408 expressways.

Good luck!