Road Construction Alert

Starting Monday, February 15th, the widening of Hwy 27 from Sawgrass Bay Blvd to Lake Louisa Road will begin. This stretch of road will be expanded to 6 lanes, to match the rest of Hwy 27 north and south of it.

Please be aware of the construction and drive carefully as there will be lane shifts during this time. I have not heard of a completion date for this project but will post it if I can find it.


Entrance Gate Fines

Starting on February 1st, 2016 ALL unauthorized entries, gate running and tailgating are considered TRESSPASSING. Fines are as follows:
  • $125 fine from HOA to Homeowner
  • $250 fine from Lake County to Car Registration.
Fines will be assessed for each and every violation. No Exceptions! Please express the importance to all members of your household, friends, and visitors that trying to gain access through the gates without using proper procedures and waiting for Envera to let them through can end up costing both you and them money.

Thank you.

-The Weston Hills HOA Board of Directors

Entrance Gate Information – Help Traffic Flow

Hello residents,

The Board members would like to remind everyone to place your gate stickers on your windshield. We are having issues where drivers pull in to the resident lane but stop at the gate as they search for their gate sticker. Please attach yours to the inside of your windshield to help keep the resident lane moving efficiently.

The board also wants to remind all residents to remember to place your visitors on your Envera system list. If someone comes to see you and they are not on your list, Envera will attempt to call the number they have on file to confirm if the visitor is someone you are expecting. If there is no answer the person will be asked to leave. The process of calling residents can take a few minutes and that can cause a back-up in the entrance. You can add visitors on the web site, with the smartphone app, by emailing Envera, or by calling Envera. Click HERE for our front gate FAQ page where we have info and links to contact Envera

Finally, signage has been ordered for the entrance to help delineate the visitor’s lane from the resident’s lane and we will get it installed as soon as it arrives.

Thank you for your time.

Community Updates-Front Gate, Pools, Playground

The HOA would like to let everyone know about the following information:

Front Gate – The start of the gate operation has been pushed back to 2 PM tomorrow [Wednesday]. The installers ran in to an issue and are spending today testing the system. Please remember to place the access sticker behind or below your rear-view mirror.

Pool Reopening – the pools were inspected this morning and have been re-opened. The current operating schedule is 9 AM to 5 PM. We will update everyone when the hours change (usually around the Memorial Day weekend).

Playground – to access the playground residents will need to use their access card. Please remember to bring it with you.

Thank you.

Last Chance For Gate Tag Pick-Ups

The last chance to pick-up your gate tags and purchase additional ones will be on Sunday, January 3rd at the Club House from 6 PM to 8 PM.

Please remember to bring a picture ID. If you are a renter please bring a copy of your rental agreement. Additional tags can only be paid for by a check so please bring one along if you plan to purchase up to 2 additional tags.