More Safety Information From Officer Walter Wolf – August 6th, 2013

From: Wolf, Walter []
Sent: Monday, August 05, 2013 6:58 PM

To: Wolf, Walter
Subject: Crime Watch
What I wanted to address today is that Law Enforcement in the central Florida area have noticed a raise in smash and grabs from cars parked by females at local gyms. What is happening is a person or persons unknown are watching gym parking lots and when a female leaves her vehicle and enters the gym (usually without a purse because there is no place to put it inside the gym) they pop the window to gain access to the vehicle because they pretty well know that the female has left her purse somewhere in her vehicle. What I would suggest is if you work out in a gym that does not have lockers for their clients ask the business if they would consider adding lockers so that purses and wallets would not have to be left in the vehicle. If not I would suggest not carrying your purse with you to the gym, it would be easy to take only your driver’s license and if needed a credit card that you could still keep on you during your workout. I would also suggest carrying a small purse with nothing in it that you could carry from your vehicle into the gym. That would at least give the appearance to anyone watching the parking lot that you have not left your purse in the car.
Take Care
Deputy Walter Wolf
Crime Watch Coordinator
Lake County Sheriff’s Office
Cell    352-267-3655