LCSO: Jury Duty Telephone Scam

From: Wolf, Walter []
Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2013 9:03 PM

To: Wolf, Walter
Subject: Crime Watch
Good evening all; I have had several inquiries regarding an e-mail that is circulating regarding what has been labeled as the jury duty scam. If you should receive this e-mail do not panic this is an e-mail that has surfaced every couple of years since 2001. As far as I’m aware we have not actually had this scam take place in Lake County. I have e-mailed information regarding this scam several times over the past years. For those of you that are not aware of how this scam works following is basic information of how it works. You would receive a phone call from someone representing themselves as a court employee and that they are processing a warrant for your arrest because you failed to show up for jury duty. Well naturally you have just been caught off guard and will start trying to explain that you never received a summons for jury duty. The caller will tell you that there is nothing that they can do for you; however after a few minutes they will tell you that they may be able to not process the warrant but will need to verify certain information. The information that they will attempt to get from you is all personal information that can be used in identity theft. The sad thing is that you are usually so upset with the thought of a warrant being issued for your arrest that you may give out information that you normally would not do.  Remember never give out your social security number, credit card numbers or other personal confidential information if you should receive an unsolicited telephone call. It doesn’t matter why they are calling all the reasons are just different variants of several different scams.
Be safe
Deputy Walter Wolf
Crime Watch Coordinator
Lake County Sheriff’s Office
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