Crime Watch Alert From Deputy Wolf – Oct 2013

From: “Wolf, Walter” <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 9:48 PM
Subject: Crime Watch

Good evening everyone;  Sheriff Gary Borders and Chief Deputy Peyton Grinnell asked that I send out this informational crime watch alert regarding scams and frauds. As you’re aware in my recent alerts I’ve warned about the possibility of increased scams and frauds during the holidays. Unfortunately locally  we have already started seeing  the  increase. Most of the scams are variations of older scams that I have reported in the past. However We are seeing newer ones that are pretty believable.
Within the last week I’ve heard of several people receiving phone calls were the caller will identify themselves as an employee of your internet provider, and that someone is attempting to hack your computer as you’re speaking with them. They tell you that they need for you to type certain information into your computer to block the hackers attempt. What they are hoping for is for you to type in the information that they will provide to you, if you do they will then have remote access to your computer. Several of the scams we are seeing involve person or persons unknown who will contact you in one of several ways, mail, e-mail, or phone. They will advise you that they want to hire you and pay you to do anything from buying goods and rating your service to paying you to advertise various products. In most cases they will even send you a check for your work. It’s almost always for more than they told you that they were going to pay you. They will advise you to keep the agreed to amount and send them back or forward the difference to another person. One thing that almost always takes place with these type scams is that it is unsolicited by you.
Please remember if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Always get a second opinion. For those of you with elderly friends or relatives periodically check with them and advise them to get in touch with you before they give any personnel information or send money to anyone that is through any unsolicited type contact with them.
One last thing, please check and recheck your vehicles to make sure that all doors are locking when you lock them.
Take care and have a good upcoming weekend.
Deputy Walter Wolf
Crime Watch Coordinator
Lake County Sheriff’s Office