Mailbox On Meadow Oaks Loop & Hwy 192 Lane Closures

Meadow Oaks Loop Mailboxes

As many may have noticed on Meadow Oaks Loop, one of the mailboxes has been taken away.It had been reported that the box was leaning, possibly damaged on Halloween night.
The Post Office removed it due to the severe corrosion of the base plate attaching it to the concrete slab.

There was no mention of when it will be replaced.  Until then, it is recommended that residents who were assigned to that particular box check with the local Post Office on Rt. 27, behind the BB&T Bank.

Lane Closures Start Tonight

Electronic signs are up on Hwy 192 stating nightly lane closures begin tonight, November 3rd at 7 PM. There was no indication of when night construction would be done by. Please drive carefully at night down 192 and be ready for altered traffic patterns.