Community Update Newsletter



FALL 2013

Please take a few moments to read this newsletter, and share it with the other members of your family/household. You may download a copy HERE: Newsletter – community update – 9-2013


Parents – we need your help

Residents have expressed concern about children playing in the street or in the parking lot at the clubhouse and not moving when traffic is moving into the area.  Parents, please review the safety rules – do not play in street; if at the clubhouse playing, please stay in the playground or grassy areas; when you’re in the street and a vehicle is on the road near you, please move off to the edge of the road; do not operate scooters on the road – stay on the sidewalk.   Thanks.  We want to keep our younger residents safe!


The meeting room at the clubhouse and the area under the clubhouse roof are available for rent for private parties.  Application forms are available through Sentry Management.  There is a fee for the rental of the meeting room.  There is no fee if you just want to use the area under the roof attached to the meeting room.  Both areas, however, must be reserved and a deposit submitted to cover the costs of cleanup, repairs, etc. if the premises are not left in the same or better condition as the condition in which they were found when the rental began.   If you want to hold an event/party at the clubhouse/pool area, you need to make a reservation and reserve/rent out the meeting room and/or area under roof.  Parties are not permitted without a rental agreement.

REMINDER – Garage doors

Garage doors are to be kept closed except when going in or out, or while working in the garage or on the yard.  Thank you.



This practice is prohibited.  Don’t do it. Don’t have your guests do it.  Don’t have your vendors do it.  We are contacting homeowners where guests/vendors or even the resident runs the gate without using the gate card or directory access.  The gate is for the safety of the community – you purchased or decided to rent a home in a restricted access community for a reason.  Help us maintain that restricted access.  If repeated violations of this rule occur, the homeowner will be notified that the issue will be going to the Fining/Hearing Committee.



Lately we have had a lot of drivers ignoring stop signs and speed limit signs.  

When you run a stop sign you run the risk of having an accident.  Several pedestrians have reported almost being hit.  The fact that Weston Hills is a gated community with limited traffic gives people a false sense there is not another vehicle coming down the street.  You also think about all the times no one was coming down the street and you slowed down/stopped for no reason.  The reason to stop is the one time another car is coming down the street or there is a pedestrian crossing the street.  It would be devastating to you to hit a child or adult.  It would be upsetting and annoying to have an accident and have to deal with the police (would be a moving violation), monetary fines, the hassle of getting your car repaired.

Please observe the traffic signs.  Please STOP AT ALL STOP SIGNS.  It is for your safety and the safety of your children, your friends and neighbors.  Parents, please review the traffic rules with your children who drive.  Thanks for helping to keep Weston Hills safe.



  • Trash cans/recycle bins are to be stored between pickups where they are not visible from the street.
  • Trash cans/recycle bins are to be placed at curb no earlier than 5:00 p.m. the night before the scheduled pickup.  Cans/bins are to be returned to their storage area by the night of the pickup day.
  • Please be sure all trash is in a secure container – animals love to tear apart the plastic bags, especially if there is garbage inside.


Representatives from the Sheriff’s Department attended the August Weston Hills Board Meeting.

Deputy Walter Wolfe gave a brief presentation regarding establishing a Neighborhood Watch program within the community and reviewed various programs available through the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.  The Board would like to pursue a Neighborhood Watch program within the community.  If you would be interested in learning more about Neighborhood Watch, participating as a “block captain”, please send an e-mail to Management expressing your interest.  Notice of the organizational meeting will be posted.

Captain Moss addressed the pending Memo of Understanding which would allow the Sheriff’s Department to enforce civil violations of traffic laws.  Signage needs to be changed in order for the MOU to be finalized.

Lt. Pelton talked about response from the Sheriff’s Office, calling in suspicious activity, available crime reports and the Sheriff’s website

An area of recent interest was locations of convicted Sexual Predators and Sexual Offenders.  Both the Sheriff’s Department and the Florida Department of Law enforcement maintain websites showing the location of all convicted/registered Sexual Predators and Sexual Offenders.  The different between the two categories include the type of crime and whether the person is a repeat offender.  If you want to know about Sexual Predators/Offenders in the area, you can check either the Lake County Sheriff’s Department or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website.  A recent check showed no convicted Predators/Offenders in the Weston Hills community but 3-5 (depending upon which site) within 2 miles of Weston Hills.


Many Weston Hills homeowners rent out their homes – some for long-term rentals and some for short-term or vacation rentals.  Both are allowed.   Landlords:

  • Please register long-term tenants with the Association; they need to be registered in order to get gate cards and access; you need to complete the necessary gate access forms and provide a copy of the lease.
  • Please be sure your tenants are aware of the rules and regulations of the Association.  It is recommended that you include a provision in your lease that requires them to comply with the rules and regulations.  This will help if you have to address violations by the tenant.  It is also recommended you provide them with a copy of the rules and regulations.  Copies can be purchased through Sentry Management or you can go to the Sentry Management website and download the documents.


Any owner wishing to receive the Financial Summary provided to the Board each month, please e-mail and provide your name, address and e-mail address and it will be sent to you.  Please keep any financial information confidential.


WEBSITEThe current Weston Hills website is:  WESTONHILLSCLERMONT.COM

You can obtain information about the community, including Association documents, rules and regulations.  Take a look.  You might find something of interest to you.

E-LOOPIf you want to receive e-mails regarding community activities, events, occurrences – please send your e-mail address to and you will be added to the system.  Notices about meetings, community social activities, alerts from the Sheriff, notices about community garage sale dates (October 14, 2013 this year) would keep you up to date on Weston Hills.

WiFiWould you like to sit at the pool or at the pavilions and work on your computer?  We now have WiFi service at the clubhouse.

The password is posted at the clubhouse bulletin board.  Enjoy!


Your current Board members are:                 Vicki Long, President                             

Joe Felsman, Vice-President                 

Keon Evens, Secretary/Treasurer         



Sentry Management is currently managing Weston Hills.   Our manager is:

Debby Weage, LCAM

c/o Sentry Management, 1645 E. Highway 50, Suite 201, Clermont, FL  34711


Phone:  352-243-4595 ext. 227

Fax:  352-243-4597


The streets are owned by the Association. The Declaration established some basic rules, and the Association established additional rules and regulations regarding the use of the streets, which are part of the Architectural Review Guidelines.    Currently, the Declaration (your primary Association document) provides:

”Each owner has the right to exclusive use of the paved parking areas which are located within that Owner’s property lines.  No vehicles may be parked on any grassed area of the Lots.  Permission must be obtained in writing from the ARC for the parking of any commercial or recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, trucks, boat trailers, campers or other similar vehicles on any Lot or in any driveway, except in a closed garage attached to the Dwelling Unit.  Parking in the Common Areas or common parking spaces, if any, shall be regulated by the rules of the Association.  There shall be no parking on the streets or the street right-of-way area, if any, overnight or for a continuous period of time in excess of ten (10) consecutive hours.  The provisions of this Section shall not apply to the parking or storage of any vehicles used by the contractor, Declarant and/or Builders during the construction of any Dwelling Unit or development of the Property.”

In addition, the following rules and regulations have been established:

  • Park in driveways only
  • Parking in grass is prohibited
  • Night-time parking on the street between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. is prohibited.
  • Parking against the flow of traffic is prohibited
  • Parking near an intersection or in any manner that would restrict normal traffic flow is prohibited.
  • Boats, campers, motor homes, buses and any other type of recreational vehicles are prohibited overnight
  • Storage of vehicles other than in the garage is prohibited.
  • All vehicles must have proper license and registration.
  • All vehicles must be in working order.  A vehicle that cannot operate on its own power shall not remain in the Community for more than twelve (12) hours except in the garage of a home
  • Working on or repairing of vehicles other than in a garage is prohibited
  • Violations will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner and the home owner.  Towing if necessary will be at the owner’s expense.

Please review these provisions and observe these rules and regulations.  We are receiving numerous complaints about parking in the street overnight and there is discussion about implementing towing of vehicles that are in violation of these rules and regulations.  The Association has been placing notices on vehicles being parked on the street after 10:00 p.m. to alert residents to these rules.  The Board needs you to follow these rules to avoid the necessity of towing vehicles that are not in compliance.  Towing is not only expensive, it can significantly inconvenience the vehicle’s owner.   The Association would prefer not to have to take that step.   All residents would prefer not to have their vehicles towed.  Compliance with the rules and regulations will avoid that situation.

There is NO PARKING in the “round-about” AT ANY TIME.   This area is for through traffic ONLY!

IT’S RAINING CATS AND DOGS                                    

Well …. Not really.

Lake County ordinances require both dogs and cats to be kept confined to the owner’s property unless they are on a leash.

Yes, both dogs and cats.  Please do not let your pets roam the community.  Please do not let your dog out of the home to go to the neighbor’s yard to do their duty and then come home.

Not everyone is comfortable around dogs.  Not all dogs are comfortable around non-family members.  Some dogs become aggressive when confronted with another dog.  Let’s keep our pets at home or on a leash to prevent someone from getting hurt by an aggressive animal.

Please    clean up after your dog – take a baggie, an old plastic grocery bag, etc. and use it to pick up after your dog in the event he or she cannot wait to get home before doing his/her business.  Invert the bag, pick up the “poop”, turn the bag back and dispose of the bag properly when you get home.  Plastic doggie poop scoopers are also available at pet stores for under $20.   Your neighbors will greatly appreciate your efforts in cleaning up after your pet, and thank you for being a responsible pet owner.


c/o Sentry Management

1645 E. Highway 50, Suite 201

Clermont, FL   34711