Picking Up After Your Pet

When walking your dog, please clean up after your pet and don’t leave “presents” (excrement) on your neighbor’s lawn or the common area.

Your neighbors do NOT appreciate these “presents”.

Take a grocery bag, pick up the excrement with the bag, close and tie the bag and dispose of properly when you get home.  You may need to take more than one bag.

Thank you for your consideration of your neighbors.

If you observe a dog leaving excrement behind and can identify the owner, or see the owner not cleaning up after the dog, please let Debby Weage at Sentry Management know.

Provide as much of the following information as possible:

·         name of the owner

·         description of the dog (so the owner can be assured that it was their dog)

·         owner’s address (if known)

·         location and date and time of event