Update To Large Item Pick-Up Information

There has been confusion about getting large items picked-up. Please read the following from Sentry Management:


Large/bulk item pickup

Waste Pro does not have dedicated days for particular neighborhoods for pickups –scheduled as requested/needed

Homeowner needs to call Waste Pro to request large/bulk item pickup– 352-366-0352


Waste Pro is supposed to pick up within 72 hours (working days)

They do try to give the day of pickup – if you called today, it would be scheduled for Tuesday – so the items don’t have to sit at the curb multiple days

They are currently not as organized as intended due to the recent addition of Lake County into their service system and they are still working out the kinks so pickups have been delayed


If you have bulk/large items to be picked up – give them a call

If you have called and the items have not been picked within 72 hours (business days) – give them a call back to ask for status

They need the address as pickup is scheduled by address

Thank you for your help in keeping Weston Hills clean and attractive.