Update From The Board

Dear residents of Weston Hills,
A news letter was mailed to residents this week that contained incorrect information. The Weston Hills Board of Directors is working with Premier Management to correct this issue.
These types of mailings are usually reviewed by Board members to correct any issues concerning the way our documents and other operations impact the rules that govern our community. The mailings were sent out without final review authorization.
A few errors:
* Garbage containers can come out after 6pm on Wednesday and back in by 6pm on Thursday.
* Yard waste can come out after 6pm on Thursday and back in by 6pm on Friday.
* Any garbage containers left out past 6pm on Friday will be subject to violations.
* Residents can continue parking anywhere in their driveways, but, NOT in the street or another driveway without the homeowners consent after 11 pm-6am.  These cars are subject to Towing as of October 1, 2015.
There is going to be more information sent out shortly that will answer any questions you might have. Sorry for any undue stress that this may have caused. The Board appreciates your understanding in this matter.