Community Update

Hello residents. Here are several items the HOA Board would like to let everyone know about:

1. The pool and club house area will be closed from Monday, May 2nd through Monday, May 9th to allow refurbishment work to be done on the club house and covered porch areas.

2. Towing of cars parked in the street after 11 PM is still in effect and has not changed. Please make sure you move your vehicles in to your garage and driveways by this time at night.

3. Concerning complaints of neighborhood dogs using residents lawns and running around loose. There are 2 separate issues to deal with here. If you see a dog running loose and being a nuisance you must call Lake County Animal Services and report it yourself. LCAS will not take calls from the HOA Board members or our property management company; they will only speak with the person who has witnessed the issue. We also hope, if this is the first time you’ve seen this dog running around, that you consider it someone’s pet who got loose and try and find its owners. But if the dog is constantly seen roaming the neighborhood then please call them at (352) 343-9688. The 2nd issue of dogs doing their business on residents’ lawns: The HOA can fine a resident if they allow their pet to do this and they do not clean up after them. You will need to obtain a picture of the pet in question and the address of where the pet’s owner lives so a letter may be sent to them. Please supply this information to our management company representative, Sheila McCollum.

Thank you.