Exit Gates Destroyed Last Night

UPDATE: The person responsible has come forward and will be for the damaged they caused to our exit gates. Because of their willingness to come forward we are keeping their identity anonymous. They are a visitor to the community but we don’t wish to have any repercussions against them or the people they were visiting. We will be having a camera installed at the exit that can read license plate numbers on exiting cars to track future incidents faster.

Last night, Sunday June 12th, at 11:43 PM, an F-150 truck smashed through our exit gates, destroying them beyond repair.

Please look at the screen capture below. If anyone has information on who owns this truck or who they were visiting in our community, please contact Sheila at Premier or email the Board at WestonHillsHOA@gmail.com.


Here is another picture.


At this time we do not have a camera aimed at the license tags of exiting cars, only an overhead view of the exit gate. It was believed we would not require obtaining tags on exiting vehicles. We are looking in to the cost of adding a tag camera to the exit area now.

If you have any information on this vehicle please contact us. The cost of the gate repair will fall on the community budget if we do not find the person responsible for this.