Access Sticker & Pool Update

Hello everyone,

First, concerning front gate access stickers:

Due to abuse of the gate stickers, starting July 6th (Wednesday), your sticker must be on the windshield of your vehicle to use the resident entry side: no more storing it somewhere in your car and bringing it out as you approach the gate. Some residents are loaning their access stickers to friends and visitors and the only way we can stop this is require them to be attached to your windshield. There will be volunteers staffing the gate periodically to make sure they are attached. If they approach and it is not, you (or the person you gave your access sticker to) will be told to use the visitor’s side and speak with the Envera guard for access.

The Board understands this is frustrating but we do not have any other way to stop people from loaning out their stickers. If you are a resident who has been doing this, please go to the Envera site and simply add visitors to your list. It is not difficult. You can find information on the myriad ways to add visitors to your account HERE on our web page.

Second, we are testing new pool hours:

Regular hours are still 9 AM to 8 PM, but the pool will open 1 hour early for adults only to use the pools.

Thank you.