Illegal Yard Waste Dumping

Utilities has notified members of the Weston Hill BOD about an ongoing situation in and around the Utilities lift stations in the retention area between Bay Vista and Mayflower Loop. These area are essential to the sewer system of Weston Hills and tampering with or dumping around them can cause catastrophic damage to our sewer systems operation.

The HOA has had to pay the community landscapers to clean up the dumped yard waste for a second time in as many months.

Any further dumping in this area can result in fines from Utilities Inc. and from St. John’s Water Management. Fines can range UP TO $2,500 PER INCIDENT! Utilities is going to continue to monitor their easement and will notify the HOA if they see any continued activity. If any residents have knowledge of the individuals that have been dumping yard waste in these areas, please notify management immediately.

lift station 2