Hurricane Matthew Info – Updated

I will post any area information I hear about on this page. Please refresh this page for added info.


2:47 PM – The front gates, entrance and exit, have been tied open and the gate arms removed to prevent damage.

2:47 PM – The Disney Parks are closing at 5 PM today and staying closed through tomorrow.

2:49 PM – Publix at Golden Eagle Village – No decision as of yet on operation changes.

3:01 PM – Lake County schools closed today and tomorrow.

3:03 PM – SeaWorld and Discovery closed today and tomorrow. Universal parks are now closed and will remain closed tomorrow.

3:07 PM – Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs has said all roads in Orange County should be cleared by 5 PM and all residents be off the roads.

3:31 PM – The Clermont Performing Arts Center is closed today and tomorrow; all events have been cancelled.

4:25 PM – Certain on/off ramps to 429 are being closed soon due to expected high winds (the intersections with elevated ramps). The off ramp at 429/441 is one example.

9:42 PM – News is reporting the worst of the weather will hit us in the early morning hours, roughly 3 AM to 6 AM. 60 MPH winds are being forecast for our area.

8:33 AM – Report price gouging to the FL Attorney General: 866-9NO-SCAM