Please Read: Safety Issues

Good Day Dear Residents,

RE: Unsafe Conditions & UN-RULY Children

This morning we had an issues with UN-RULY Children from the community throwing rocks at our Landscape Vendors at the Bus Stop inside of Weston Hills.
The Children were surrounded by adults who did NOT step in to reprimand them for their BAD behavior.

A week ago the school bus driver had to stop his bus after he entered the gates to Weston Hills causing a back-up onto Hwy 27.
When the volunteers of Weston Hills saw the backup, the volunteer RAN up to the Gate to see how they could HELP!
This is because people have been killed in front of the community due to back up of traffic on Hwy 27.
The Bus Stop was moved from Hwy 27 to inside the community to keep the children safe.

The Bus driver had to stop the bus due to un-safe driving conditions due to UN-RULY Children AGAIN!

Living in Weston Hills is a privilege for the children. Where else can they have 2 pools, a kid feature, playground, tennis & basketball court?

The community only asks that they be courteous to ALL other residents and visitors of the community, not to play around the clubhouse while waiting for the bus.

After the incident of the Bus having to stop in front of the gates, I will be attending the next SAC meeting to ask that all UN-RULY children be suspended from the bus and if they are unwilling to do that to move the Bus Stop back to Hwy 27.

If you have children please review with them the expectations the community has regarding courteous treatment to ALL Residents & Visitors of Weston Hills.

Thank you for your time, Weston Hills Board of Directors