Raccoons and More Updates

Hello residents,

We have several pieces of information the Board and our management company would like to make everyone aware of.

Bikes and motorized vehicles of any type of not allowed on the walking trail. The trail is for pedestrian traffic ONLY.

Raccoons have been sighted in the neighborhood. Please do not attempt to feed or approach them. They can become a nuisance and have been known to damage homes if they decide to take up residence in your walls or attics. Raccoons are attracted by food and trash. To prevent them from coming around, please:

  1. Keep the lids on your trash cans when you have garbage in them
  2. Do not leave bagged garbage laying out – put it in your garbage can and close the lid
  3. If you keep and feed your pets outside do not leave food out overnight and clean up any spilled pet food. Raccoons can carry rabies! If you keep your pets outside then protect them by following this tip.

You are allowed to trap then remove wildlife from your property. Traps can be bought at many local hardware stores. The Florida Fish and Wildlife web page on nuisance wildlife says if you trap an animal you must humanely relocate within 24 hours of capture. Please release them in a wooded area away from large communities. There are large expanses of woods on Hwy 33 and CR 474 west of us.

If you do not want to trap the animal there are local companies that you can hire to remove wildlife. Please do a search online for local companies that do this. The HOA cannot remove animals on private property, only on the public areas (playground, around club house, etc).

On April 1st, Saturday we will hold an Easter Egg Hunt at the Club House. This will be at 2 PM and is for children up to 10 years of age. Children must be accompanied by a parent and please bring your basket!

The next Community Yard Sale will be on Saturday, April 29th, 8 AM to 2 PM. Clean out your closest and garages and bring in some extra cash!