Rodent Prevention Issues in Community

Hello everyone,

There has been a recent issues with rodent problems in some homes in our community. Rodent and animal removal can be expensive. The best way to combat them is to remove food sources and possible shelter areas. Please click this link for more information from the CDC on preventing rodent infestations.
The main issue we want to bring up is removing food sources for rodents. Pet food left out for cats & dogs or throwing food out for squirrels and birds in your yard will attract rodents. If you must feed a pet outside, do not leave the food out for a long period of time. Be aware that bird seed can also attract rodents. The CDC recommends keeping the feeder away from your house and use a squirrel guard to prevent rodents from getting into them. If there is a large amount of spilled seed under your feeder, try and remove as much of the excess as possible.
Also inspect the exterior of your home. Look for holes or pushed up areas on your sofits (the metal screen pieces under your roof allowing air flow through your attic) and other areas in your eaves. Seal up cracks and holes to prevent possible entry. If you suspect an infestation you can hire a pest control service to come and inspect. But remember: rodent prevention is much less expensive than rodent removal. Prevent it before they move in to your attic or walls.
If you do see rodents in or around your home, depending on the severity of the infestation, you may be able to take care of the issue by using traps. Please see the CDC page for tips on using them. If traps aren’t working you will need to turn to a professional exterminator.
If you suspect an abandoned or un-cared for yard or home is a haven for rodents please let the HOA know by emailing us. Thank you.