Tropical Storm Isaias

Good morning residents,

As everyone knows, we are now into Hurricane Season here in Florida and in the time of the season when there is more activity. Tropical Storm Isaias is approaching the state. This morning’s forecast from the NOAA web site shows the storm skimming the coast of South Florida and going up and to the east. This path would certainly bring us rain and winds.

The good news is that the better side of a storm to be on is the west side [less winds and rain] as long as this path remains the same.

For hurricane preparedness information please see our plan:

The National Weather Service\NOAA also has a lot of good information for storm preparedness during COVID-19 on their web page.

Please stay safe and prepared. If the storm stays on its current path we will get inclement weather Saturday and Sunday. I will post updates for the next few days as we watch the storm.

One thought on “Tropical Storm Isaias

  1. Thank you for your message. We will be checking the news.
    Have a good day!

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