Scam Alert: Aptive Lawn Pest Control

Hello residents,

We had a salesperson in our neighborhood this evening trying to sign residents up for pest control under the company name of Aptive. The person gets into the neighborhood and then drives around on a hoverboard, door to door.

There are male and female salespeople, but they always drive around on a hoverboard to sign people up. The salespeople are dressed in polo shirts with the logo and khaki shorts or pants. They promise pest control for your yard and get a 3 month payment from a homeowner. But the service never gets done. 

If you try to contact the company, emails go unanswered and if you call them by phone they say they will only answer emails sent to them. This company is a scam. Do not get taken in by them.

The woman has been escorted out of Weston Hills, but if she comes back in (or any rep from Aptive) and you are asked to sign up for lawn pest control: 1) tell them soliciting is not allowed in the community and 2) call Irene on the HOA Board at 609-705-5733. She will have them kicked out of Weston Hills.

Thank you.