Burning of Trash Is Not Allowed

The HOA would like to remind all residents that burning of leaves or trash in your yard is illegal. Yard waste is picked up on Fridays, the day after garbage/recycling day, or you can haul it to the Log House Rd dump facility in Clermont. Click the link for address and times open.

Thank you.

Please Secure Your Vehicles

We would like to remind residents to please keep your vehicles locked. And do not leave valuables in view. Valuables should be taken with you inside or locked in your truck. This includes spare change, too.

Thank you.

We have had reports of kids in our neighborhood going into unlocked cars. Please make sure to keep your vehicles locked and close your garage doors when no one is around or using them.

Thank you.

Wildlife Sightings in Neighborhood

A bear was seen in the neighborhood recently as well as a Florida cougar [see photo].

Needless to say, please be aware when out in the neighborhood. Do NOT approach any wild animals you may see. Keep your pets inside when possible and keep your trash in your cans, and in your garages if you are able to. And avoid leaving your garage doors open when there is no need.


Hurricane Irma Update – Saturday 2 PM

Hello residents:

Irma is continuing it’s path up the west coast now. The hot waters in the Gulf will give it strength as it curves away from Cuba and over the Keys. Up to now we have had a cloudy, breezy day with some light bands of drizzle. We may not see any rough weather until tomorrow morning. Please stay safe and get to your home when the winds start to pick-up. The projected path below shows the storm moving by us very early Monday morning.

Hurricane Irma Saturday 2 PM

The HOA would like to thank everyone for removing items from their yard and taking in their cans ahead of the storm. Waste Management was able to get to our development and pick up all yard waste that was put out.

We hope everyone has had enough time to get the supplies they need, or the time to get loaded up and on the road if you are evacuating. Stay safe!

Hurricane Irma Update – Friday Night

Hello residents:

Irma’s path has the storm hitting South Florida on the southwest tip above the Keys. It will then travel up moving quickly north. Currently, Irma has moved over the edge of Cuba and has slowed down some. Looking at the path below, our area now may not experience heavy winds and rains until Sunday afternoon. This can give people a little more time to get ready.

Hurricane Irma Sept 8

Trash and recycling were picked up today so please put your cans away inside your garage. Waste Management has said they will be by in the morning to pick up yard waste. Please make sure it is bundled and bagged properly. If your yard waste was not picked up due to not being prepared properly, you will need to move it into your garage so it doesn’t get blown around by the storm. You will need to have it removed after the storm has passed.

As we said yesterday: please remove all items from your yard that could be blown by strong winds. Bring them inside or in your garage.

The storm center should be passing us Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Most businesses will be open tomorrow and will be closed on Sunday and Monday. The major theme parks also will be open tomorrow, though with shortened hours. They all plan on being closed Sunday and Monday, as well. Most of the theme park weekend events such as Night of Joy and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party have been cancelled. Please contact the customer service departments for these parks if you do have tickets for more information.

For the most current storm information, surf over to your local news station’s web page or tune into them on TV. I expect the local stations will switch to 24-hour storm coverage tomorrow at some point.