Reminder on Pet Cats

With the recent news story on the rabid cat found near Disney property [“Cat with rabies triggers alert on Epcot Center Drive in Orange County, health officials say”] we want to remind residents that cats are not allowed to freely roam the neighborhood. For their protection and yours, please keep them indoors and make sure they are up to date on their shots.

Rabies can also affect your dogs. Make sure they are vaccinated as well, as rabies can be transmitted among other wild animals (such as bats, raccoons, and squirrels) that pets could come in contact with.

Here is the CDC information on rabies. Consult with your pets’ veterinary doctor if you have further questions on keeping your pet safe. You can also contact the Lake County Office of Animal Services at their web page to get further information.

Email Scam Alert

Hello everyone:

People are reporting receiving emails from a previous management rep (Debra Wedge) that says there are important financials attached you need to view. This is a scam email and could possibly infect your computer if you try and open the attachment.
If you see this email please delete it. Make sure you are running virus protection on all your devices and that you have installed all updates for your operating system(s).
Here is an article from Consumer Reports about protecting yourself from scam emails.

Road Construction At Entrance

To all residents:

The construction at our entrance on 27 has begun. As the DOT said they would, they are closing off the intersection so you may only turn right when leaving the community. You will have to swing a U-turn at the next intersection when you need to go north. A number of our residents went to the hearing on this and asked to have a light placed there but the representative would not listen to any other solutions. 

It is an inconvenience we will have to live with until we can convince them to put a light there.

Bear Activity In Community

Please be vigilant!

There was bear activity in our community last night. A resident’s garbage can was destroyed by a bear in the early A.M. hours; the bear attacked it to get at the garbage inside. The bear was caught on the resident’s video camera.

  1. Please keep your trash & recycling cans inside your garage
  2. Do not confront a bear if you see it

This happened at a home on the perimeter of the development next to the wooded area, but if the bear is in the community it could explore further in if attracted by garbage you have put in your trash can.

If you need to replace your trash or recycling can due to a hungry bear, or a different reason, please see our Trash/Recycling page for the phone number to call for a replacement.

Please Keep Our Bus Stop Safe

Hello residents,

We have had 7 calls from parents this week complaining of out-of-control dogs being brought to the bus stop as the owners see their children off/meet their children returning. Kids are already excited during these times, and this energy is making the dogs skittish and unruly. One child has even said one dog was trying to bite her ankles.


Chapter 4 of the Lake County Ordinance Rules covers all laws about Animal Control and unruly pets. The owner will be held responsible for the action of their dog, and if Animal Control deems the animal dangerous it can be taken from the owner, confined at the owner’s expense, and possibly euthanized.

Please protect yourself, your pet, and other residents: Leave your dogs at home during school bus pick-ups & drop-offs.

Thank you.