Kiddie Pool Closed Until Thursday

Due to maintenance work the kiddie pool will be closed until Thursday. The other pools are still open.

Thank you.


Incident With Dog Outside Club House

This morning a resident was bitten by a dog outside the club house where children were waiting for the bus. The dog was on a leash but was agitated by all the activity around, and bit a resident who was jogging by.

Please be aware that an owner is responsible for their dog’s behavior and actions. If your dog is excitable and prone to biting and snapping, please avoid around areas where there are groups of people and lots of activity (IE-children running and shouting at the bus stop).

Thank you.


Pool Hours – Updated

To our residents:

There has been a change in the pool closure schedule.

The pools will be open tomorrow through Sunday [Apr 29]. But starting Monday [Apr 30], they will be closed until Thursday morning [May 3rd] . Cement work is happening at the entrance area and several days are needed for it to set and dry properly.

NOTE: This includes the club house, as well.

While it is open this weekend, please watch your step as boards have been set out to cover dirt areas that will getting cemented on Monday.

Thank you.


We have had reports of kids in our neighborhood going into unlocked cars. Please make sure to keep your vehicles locked and close your garage doors when no one is around or using them.

Thank you.

Wildlife Sightings in Neighborhood

A bear was seen in the neighborhood recently as well as a Florida cougar [see photo].

Needless to say, please be aware when out in the neighborhood. Do NOT approach any wild animals you may see. Keep your pets inside when possible and keep your trash in your cans, and in your garages if you are able to. And avoid leaving your garage doors open when there is no need.