Yard Sale Follow Up

Hello everyone,

One of our residents who participated in last Saturday’s yard sale sold someone a “Crazy Cart” toy and needs to get in touch with them. If you or a family member purchased this toy, please reply to this post or email us and I will forward you the resident’s phone number.

We hope everyone who took part in the yard sale had success. If you are left with large items you could not sell and want them carted away by the city, please call Solid Waste Operations at 352-343-3776 to find a hauling service that can pick up these types of items.

Thank you.

Hwy 27 Traffic PAttern Change

If you haven’t been on the Hwy 192 on-ramp to Hwy 27 North, we wanted to warn everyone that the lane no longer turns into the 3rd lane of 27 North; it now becomes a turn lane into the road by WalMart.

This means you must now merge into 27 traffic if you wish to continue on north-bound. Please be cautious now as you get onto 27.
And don’t forget our community garage sale will be Saturday, October 17th.
We have also added a new page to the web site called “Area Deals”. Click on the link at the top of the page to view it. We will post entries here of restaurants within driving distance that offer special deals whether it is Cast Member discounts for Disney workers or special pricing on certain nights. If you know of any special deals please reply to this email and I will get them posted on the web site.
Enjoy your weekend!