Delivery & Kiosk Reminders

Hello everyone,

We have two things we would like to bring to your attention:
  1. If you have Amazon deliveries coming, please add Amazon Delivery to your Envera Gate list. At times they use their own vehicles to make deliveries and not an Amazon truck (which Envera will let through).
  2. If you are a resident trying to access the community through the visitor lane/kiosk, even as you’ve inserted your license for scanning, please give the guard your street address when asked. You can also by-pass this issue by obtaining a sticker for your vehicle.
Thank you.

New ‘Fast’ Gate Arms Being Installed

For better security and privacy, new gate arms are being installed at the front entrance. They should be operational in the next few days.

These arms move quickly and will NOT stop moving down for tailgaters: your vehicle will be hit if you attempt to tailgate! Weston Hills is not responsible for damage to vehicles who do not follow proper entry procedures, and will submit video of all incidents to Premier Management for documentation. Damage to the new system will be charged to the vehicle owner (license plates are recorded as cars enter and exit).

Bi-lingual black & yellow signs warning drivers of the gate arms will be posted alerting all drivers to not tailgate.

Please make sure all visitors and contractors are on your Envera list and tell them to not tailgate anyone. Visitors on your list must check in at the kiosk and have a drivers license to be scanned. The access period is brief so visitors must proceed quickly through the entrance once the guard has opened it. If the gate closes because they are moving too slowly, they must re-check in with the guard.

Thank you.

Storm Update – Wednesday Evening

Due to the approaching storm, Envera will be locking the gates open starting tomorrow and the pool & club house area will be closed until further notice.

The current path for Hurricane Irma has it going up along the east coast of Florida. Even though it might not make landfall, it is still such a large storm that the entire state will get wind and rain. One plus is the storm is expected to gain speed and move past Florida more quickly than it has been moving. Everyone please stay safe.

Hurricane Irma Sept 6

New Scanning Kiosk For The Front Gate

Hello residents. Next week a kiosk from Envera will be installed at our front gate. This new system lets anyone in the visitor’s lane to speed up entry by inserting their license into the kiosk scanner slot. This will allow faster entry for regular visitors on your list.

The guard will still come on the speaker if the visitor does not want to have their license scanned or if the visitor is not on anyone’s approval list. This system will also replace the use of PIN’s to get through the visitor lane when you are are a resident who doesn’t have an access tab for your car. It was also discovered some residents were giving their PIN to non-residents to allow access so this will stop further abuse.

There will be volunteers at the kiosk to assist visitors using the new system next week during various times. The scanning kiosk will be fully functional on Wednesday and the use of PIN’s for access will be cut off on that day.

Please click on the link below to view addidtional information on Envera on this new system.

Envera Scanning Kiosk