Reporting Street Lights Out

Hello residents:

If there is a malfunctioning street light in the neighborhood you can report it at SECO’s new web site: Street Light Outages .  I’ve also added this link to the Utilities & Contacts page of our web site in the SECO section.

So if your street light doesn’t come on at night, blinks on & off, or stays on all day then get the 6 digit number on the pole (ours should all start with 160) and enter it on search bar on the top of the page. The map will zoom in on our community. Click the marker for that light and make your report on the report on the right side of the page.

Community News

Hello residents:

  • Our next Community Garage Sale will be Saturday, October 19th from 8 AM to 2 PM. The entrance gate arms will be open during this time.
  • Trick-or-Treating hours will be 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM on October 31st. As usual, please leave your porch lights off if you are not participating, and those going around the neighborhood please by-pass these homes.

Thank you.

Trash & Recycling After the Storm

The HOA was just in touch with Waste Management this morning [Wednesday] and confirmed our trash & recycling pick-up for Weston Hills will be Friday morning, and yard waste pick-up will be Saturday morning.

The pools may be open this afternoon but chairs may not be put out. Once the rain has moved out work on bringing the gates back up will start. They should be working by tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

Hurricane Dorian Update #3

Hello everyone,

  • Dorian has dropped to a category 2 and is  moving north with no landfall with Florida.
  • The curfew for Osceola County is still happening tonight at 11 PM and ending at 6 AM
  • All area theme parks have closed for the evening and you will find many stores and restaurants also closed early or closed for all day.
  • Tomorrow morning the HOA will begin the process of having the pools checked (our pool service must inspect and give us an OK) for reopening and working with Envera to bring our gate system back up.
  • Garbage/recycling service is projected to be Friday morning and yard waste pick-up on Saturday morning, but Waste Management may have to change their schedule so the HOA will check with them in the morning and we will post definite schedules for this week as soon as we know.

Thank you.

Hurricane Dorian Update #2

Hello everyone,

Hurricane Dorian has started its turn north and is not projected to make landfall according to the current projected path. News reports say Central Florida should start feeling effects tomorrow night as it passes by. There is also a curfew set for Osceola County starting at 11 PM Tuesday until 6 AM Wednesday. Many businesses in that area and in surrounding counties will have shorter hours tomorrow or may not be opening at all. You may want to call ahead if you need to visit a local business. Lake County schools will remain closed through at least Wednesday.

The HOA will have the gates operational and the pools re-opened as soon as they deem the storm and its effects are far enough past us.

Stay safe!


Hurricane Dorian Update

Good morning residents,

Currently, Hurricane Dorian is about to hit the Bahamas. The projected path shows it slowing down as it crosses land and then shifting to the North and moving along the coast past Florida, Georgia, and the Carolina’s, not making landfall in Florida at all. This could leave us with just getting some rain and wind but nothing devastating. But until the storm is actually past Central Florida everyone should keep monitoring its path in case of any sudden changes in direction. We do know Lake County schools will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Keep yourselves and families safe!
Thank you.