One More Day of Mailbox Key Handouts on Wednesday

Hello residents,

Today’s key handout has been extended until 8 PM tonight. If you have not gone to pick-up your keys please do so.

The HOA is going to hand out keys for one more day tomorrow (Wednesday) from noon to 6 PM at the club house. This will be your last chance to get keys until Monday of next week. Packing up everything then handing it over to Premier will take a few days. So you will need to go to their offices starting Monday to claim them if you don’t pick them up by tomorrow.

Package delivery to door steps resumed today, and a small amount of mail was put in some boxes but many are still empty. We were told because of the amount of mail that has to be delivered to the boxes it will take several days to get it all done.

If you picked up your keys and below is your Box/Pedestal/Box Location , please come to the club house tonight by 8 PM or tomorrow. You have the wrong set of keys for your mailbox.

  • Box 9 / Pedestal 16 / Wilshire
  • Box 10 / Pedestal 2 / Meadow Oaks Loop
  • Box 9 / Pedestal 1 / Meadow Oaks Loop
  • Box 6 / Pedestal 6 / Meadow Oaks Loop

Thank you.

Mailbox Key Replacement Today [Tuesday]

Good morning,

Key handouts will continue today from noon to 6 PM at the club house. We are about 3/4ths of the way done and would like to get them all finished today.

If you still need keys, and can make it to the club house tonight, but can’t make it until after 6 PM, please reply and let us know. If enough people need the pick-up to be kept open a bit later we will do that.

Remember to get the pedestal number for your mailbox and bring a mask & ID. Also, residents who use the Bay Vista mailboxes by Brook Hollow, we are still waiting on your replacement boxes.

Mail delivery resumes today and most mailboxes should have extra mail with it all being held since Wednesday.

If you are unable to pick-up your keys today you will need to go to the Premier Management offices in Clermont as they will be holding all unclaimed keys after today. They are located at 375 E. Hwy 50, Clermont, 34711.

For all homeowners who are currently out of the area please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your Weston Hills address
  • The location where your mailbox is
  • Your mailbox number

After giving out keys today, we should be able to find your new keys through a process of elimination. We will have the keys labeled for you. When you return to town, please call Premier Management and they will work to get your new keys to you. Their phone number is 352-432-3312.

Thank you for your patience during this project. If anything changes we will send the information out as soon as we know.

Mailbox Replacement – Key Replacement UPDATE

Hello everyone,

We have an additional step we need residents to do before you go to the clubhouse to get new keys:

Before arriving at the clubhouse, go by your mailbox location and get the pedestal number off the box where your old box was. It is on a piece of blue tape on the support post. You also need to know the box number for your old mailbox as it will be the number of your new mailbox.

Thank you.

Mailbox Update – Key Availability


We have keys available for three of the mailbox locations. If your mail pick-up spot is at one of the following, please read on for more details.

  • Meadow Oaks Loop
  • Mayflower Loop
  • Wilshire Road

Please remember this is for your box location, not necessarily if your house is on that street (this applies to Wilshire Road which has two mailbox locations).

You can start picking up your keys at 11 am at the clubhouse. Volunteers will be there until 5 PM this afternoon to give out keys. Mask and ID are required!

As more boxes are installed and keys become available we will put up posts here on the web page, on, as well as send out an E-Loop letting everyone know.

Thank you.

Mailbox Update – Boxes Being Installed

Work on installing the new mailboxes began this morning.

New mailboxes

The new boxes have access on only one side for both the mail person and the resident, so access to your box will now be on the street side. Because of this new setup the boxes are being positioned further in on their cement pads.

Please stay tuned. We will post directions on getting your keys as soon as we can.

Mailbox Replacement Update – Please Read!

Hello residents.

We have new information about our mailbox replacement happening this week and we need everyone to know the following:

  1. USPS mail will NOT be delivered starting Thursday, 9/24, through Monday, 9/28. Mail delivery will resume on Tuesday, 9/29. If you need your mail during this time (or you left mail in your box when it is all removed on Thursday), please go to the post office and make arrangements.
  2. The dumpster where the old boxes will be disposed in will be placed in front of the club house today. This dumpster is for the old mailboxes ONLY! The dumpster is under video surveillance and anyone observed throwing trash in the dumpster will be fined.

Information on how to obtain your new keys will be released soon.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Mailboxes Being Replaced This Week

Hello everyone,

On Thursday, 9/24/2020, Our mailboxes are being replaced. Please make sure to remove all mail from your box by Wednesday evening. Any mail left will be returned to the post office when your box is replaced. You can retrieve it from there,

Further information on obtaining your new keys will be posted here/put out on the E-Loop in the next few days.

Thank you.

Trash/Recycling/Yard Waste This Coming Week and More

With Monday being a holiday, all pick-ups will be one day later:

  • Trash & Recycling pick-ups will be Friday morning
  • Yard Waste pick-up will be Saturday morning

Also, we want to make you aware that the mailboxes in our community will be replaced near the end of the month. More information is coming soon so please monitor our web page or your emails for any E-Loop messages. We will post updates in both places as they are made available.

Thank you and enjoy the holiday weekend.