Pool Update

Hello everyone,

The damage to the card system at the pool has been investigated and it is going to take several days to get it repaired. Starting tomorrow and through Monday, the pools will be open regular hours but the security attendant will be positioned at the gate to check cards as he was doing today.

We hope to have the reader system back up on Tuesday.

Thank you.

Pools Closed

Hello residents,

Due to a lightning strike today (Wednesday) the card reader system at the club house was damaged and the area has been closed. The pool will reopen tomorrow at noon with the security attendant visual checking for gate cards. We will let you know when the system is fully fixed.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Pool Closures

Hello everyone,

The HOA Board would like to remind all residents that the pools must be closed when there are lightning storms within 10 miles of the area. Besides being required to do this due to county law, we also do it to keep residents safe. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Pool Hours – Updated

To our residents:

There has been a change in the pool closure schedule.

The pools will be open tomorrow through Sunday [Apr 29]. But starting Monday [Apr 30], they will be closed until Thursday morning [May 3rd] . Cement work is happening at the entrance area and several days are needed for it to set and dry properly.

NOTE: This includes the club house, as well.

While it is open this weekend, please watch your step as boards have been set out to cover dirt areas that will getting cemented on Monday.

Thank you.