Trash Pick-Up Information

Hello everyone,

The Board wishes to inform you that, due to excessive problems with trash (items being left outside the cans and lids being left open), Waste Pro has let the community know that they will no longer pick-up items outside your cans nor will they empty cans with the lids left open.
If you have large items that need picking up you can call Waste Pro to arrange a special pick-up. You may also bring items to the Log House Road refuse station in Clermont. They accept all household trash items excluding construction trash. You may find more info from our web site at:

Resurfacing Update January 30th

Hello everyone,

  • There will be no garbage/recycling/yard waste pick-up this week. All pick-ups will resume next week on their normal schedules, Thursday [trash/recycling] and Friday [yard waste]. All 3 dumpsters were removed as they had reached their capacity.
  • School bus pick-up and drop-off will resume at the Club House next Monday, February 6th.
  • Small trucks without trailers have been cleared to enter the community now. Large trucks and trailers will be allowed in on Friday.

We thank everyone for their patience during this resurfacing project!

Hurricane Updates: Trash & Pool Areas

Hello everyone,

We have updates as the storm approaches:

Trash and recycling will still be tomorrow (Thursday) but we ask you to bring your cans inside as soon as you can.

Yard waste pick-up will NOT happen on Friday. Please move any yard waste into your garage to prevent it from being blown around by wind. Please do not leave piles of yard waste out by the curb!

The pools, club house, and playground/field areas are closed as of today. We will reopen them once the storm has passed.

Thank you.

Hurricane Matthew News

We urge all residents to prepare for Hurricane Matthew which is quickly approaching the Florida coast. The center of the storm will move up the coast of Florida but the storm is large enough that all of Florida will feel its affects. We are expecting inclement weather for Thursday and Friday.

Please secure your property by moving lawn furniture and other light-weight items in to your garage so they don’t become projectiles in the wind.

You can find more information on hurricane preparedness at the NOAA site here:

You can also track the storm at . Also please stay up to date with the weather forecasts on your radio and television stations.

We are going to contact the waste pick-up service and see if they are still planning on picking up our garbage tomorrow. We also expect the pools, club house, and playground to be closed with the bad weather. We will send out information as soon as decisions are made.

This is the current path as of 5 AM this morning.


Everyone please keep you and your families safe during the storm!