Reminder: Trash & Recycling Delayed

Hello everyone,

Remember that due to Monday being the New Year’s holiday, trash & recycling will be picked up on Friday morning, and yard waste pick-up will be on Saturday.

Also, please remember if you are planning to throw out large objects like appliances or furniture, please call Solid Waste Operations at 352-343-3776 to find a hauling service that can pick up these types of items.

If you have any other questions about collection services in Weston Hills, check out our web page HERE.


Trash & Recycling For the Holidays Weeks

Hello residents,

We hope everyone is having a happy Holiday season.
Because of today’s Christmas Holiday, trash & recycling will be on Friday, and yard waste will be on Saturday. This will apply to the New Year’s week, as well.
Thank you and have a safe and Happy New Year!

Trash Pick-Up Information

Hello everyone,

The Board wishes to inform you that, due to excessive problems with trash (items being left outside the cans and lids being left open), Waste Pro has let the community know that they will no longer pick-up items outside your cans nor will they empty cans with the lids left open.
If you have large items that need picking up you can call Waste Pro to arrange a special pick-up. You may also bring items to the Log House Road refuse station in Clermont. They accept all household trash items excluding construction trash. You may find more info from our web site at: