Volunteering To Clean Up Irma Debris

We want to find out which residents might be willing to loan their time to help us try and clean up debris that isn’t getting picked up by Waste Pro. We are now being told 3 to 6 weeks before they will be here to pick up yard waste.

Do we have residents who have truck or trailers that we could load up debris and have it driven to the LogHouse Rd dump? We would need residents to also help load and unload the debris.

The HOA is willing to supply nominal gift cards to volunteers to help repay them for their time and gas expenses. If you would be interested, please call Irene at 609-705-5733 to let her know what you could help us with (manual labor or a vehicle). I will be posting this on the E-Loop and our web site, too. We don’t have a date selected; we want to see the response from our residents first, but it would not be on a Sunday as the dump is closed that day.

Thank you.


Community Update

Hello everyone,

  • Bus pick-up/drop-off will resume at the Club House tomorrow.
  • Striping of the streets has been pushed back to the 9th or 10th because the roads have not fully set yet.
  • The Board would like to give a huge thank you to all volunteers who have helped out during the resurfacing, especially helping to monitor the temporary bus stop out on 27. Thank you, again! We are happy to see how our residents came together to help everyone out!

Volunteers Needed To Re-Open Pools

Hello residents,

We hope everyone stayed safe during the storm and had no problems. It is quickly moving up the coast and away from our area.
We would like to re-open the pools tomorrow, but this will require volunteers to help out. If volunteers are unavailable it may take until Tuesday before we can get the pools opened.
If you can lend a hand, please call Irene at 609-705-5733 so she can get a head count. We are planning on meeting at 11 AM at the club house. The more volunteers we can get, the sooner the pools can be re-opened.
Thank you!

Board Information & Community Information

Hello everyone,

Board of Directors Update

The current Board of Directors would like to thank Vicki Long for her service on the Board and in the community. We wish her well on her new home and her future endeavors.

We now welcome Irene Martello who was appointed to the Board of Directors at the last HOA meeting.  She has been very active with the Association for the past few years, serving on the Fining/Hearing Committee, chairing the Events Committee and volunteering her time and effort to help maintain the community.

Committee Members Needed

The Board is seeking members who are interested in serving on either the Architectural Review Committee or the Fining/Hearing Committee.

The ARC meets twice a month to review applications for changes to properties.  It is important to be familiar with the Association documents and Rules and Regulations.

The Fining/Hearing Committee meets once a month and addresses issues referred by the Board to the Committee and determines whether or not to recommend fines against homeowner who do not address maintenance items after notices have been sent to the homeowner.

Both committees serve an important function in keeping up the Weston Hills standards and the appearance, maintenance, desireability and marketability of the Weston Hills homes.

If you are interested in serving, please send a written statement or e-mail to our manager, Debby Weage at Sentry Management.  1645 E. Highway 50, suite 201, Clermont, FL  34711 or at dweage@sentrymgt.com by July 10, 2014.

Pool Rules Reminder

Please remember: no glass containers are allowed within the clubhouse fenced area (except in the meeting room).

This is to keep glass from breaking and becoming a hazard in the pool and on the deck.

People are running around barefoot and it is impossible to get every shard of glass when it breaks on these surfaces, plus it is impossible to see smaller pieces that could end up in the pool.

This restriction includes cups, glasses, bottles, other dishes, etc.


Let’s keep everyone safe.


Age restriction:   If you are under 16 years of age and want to go to the pool, you MUST be accompanied by an adult.

You may be asked to give identification, including name, age, address, by an Association representative or the security company.

Failure to have supervision or failure to provide requested information may result in your being required to leave the pool/clubhouse area.

This is for your safety and the protection of the entire community.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Parking Reminder

Parking on the street between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. is PROHIBITED.  Your vehicle is subject to being towed if parked in the street during this period of time.  Thank you for your cooperation and compliance with this requirement.