Update On Yard Waste – Up Coming Yard Sale

On an update to our previous post on yard waste pick-up: The HOA board has been in touch with Waste Pro and confirmed about their change to pick-ups.

Waste Pro will pick up leaves/yard waste in plastic bags, but will not take the bags. They will empty you yard waste into their truck and leave the bags behind. If you want to have them pick up everything, you will need to use biodegradable yard waste bags.

And don’t forget that this Saturday (March 30th) is our Community Garage Sale starting at 8 AM.

Change To Yard Waste Pick-Up

Waste Pro contacted the HOA this week to tell us that there is a change to their yard waste pick-up regulations:

No longer will they pick-up yard waste in plastic bags; it must be in paper yard waste bags. These are readily available at all home improvement and big box stores [Target, Wal-Mart].  All other pick-up rules remain the same. Please see our web site page for garbage and recycling for these rules.

Thank you.

Clocks Move Ahead This Weekend

To all our residents:

Don’t forget that Daylight Saving Time starts Saturday night. This means setting your clocks ahead 1 hour before you go to sleep.

With the time change comes a change in your lawn watering schedule, from 1 day a week to 2 days a week. Please see the table below for your change. You may find more information on watering restrictions at the St. John’s Water Management District’s web site.

Watering Schedule

Email Scam Alert

Hello everyone:

People are reporting receiving emails from a previous management rep (Debra Wedge) that says there are important financials attached you need to view. This is a scam email and could possibly infect your computer if you try and open the attachment.
If you see this email please delete it. Make sure you are running virus protection on all your devices and that you have installed all updates for your operating system(s).
Here is an article from Consumer Reports about protecting yourself from scam emails.

Road Construction At Entrance

To all residents:

The construction at our entrance on 27 has begun. As the DOT said they would, they are closing off the intersection so you may only turn right when leaving the community. You will have to swing a U-turn at the next intersection when you need to go north. A number of our residents went to the hearing on this and asked to have a light placed there but the representative would not listen to any other solutions. 

It is an inconvenience we will have to live with until we can convince them to put a light there.