FEMA Coming Tomorrow (Saturday) For Yard Debris

We just received confirmation that FEMA will be here tomorrow (Saturday, October 21st) to pick up yard debris. We understand the community yard sale is that day, but the HOA did not want to delay this much needed pick-up when they gave us a date.

Please do not mix construction debris (if you have any) with your yard debris! FEMA has said they will NOT take construction debris! Please keep it separate and let them remove the hurricane debris.

Thank you!

The gates will open tomorrow morning at 8 AM for our community garage sale.

Also on Sunday the 22nd we have our BBQ at the club house from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Pleas stop by and join us!



Update: Yard Waste

Waste Pro was sighted in the community today picking up some of the smaller piles of debris. We are hoping this continues, but we still have some very large piles of trash.

We are going to end the call for volunteers. Some residents had tried to clean up but were running into rats in the piles. The HOA is still working to try and get everything removed faster. If you are able to put any of your yard waste in plastic bags, the HOA president is working on a way to get the bags carted away in the coming days.

Volunteering To Clean Up Irma Debris

We want to find out which residents might be willing to loan their time to help us try and clean up debris that isn’t getting picked up by Waste Pro. We are now being told 3 to 6 weeks before they will be here to pick up yard waste.

Do we have residents who have truck or trailers that we could load up debris and have it driven to the LogHouse Rd dump? We would need residents to also help load and unload the debris.

The HOA is willing to supply nominal gift cards to volunteers to help repay them for their time and gas expenses. If you would be interested, please call Irene at 609-705-5733 to let her know what you could help us with (manual labor or a vehicle). I will be posting this on the E-Loop and our web site, too. We don’t have a date selected; we want to see the response from our residents first, but it would not be on a Sunday as the dump is closed that day.

Thank you.

Wildlife Sightings in Neighborhood

A bear was seen in the neighborhood recently as well as a Florida cougar [see photo].

Needless to say, please be aware when out in the neighborhood. Do NOT approach any wild animals you may see. Keep your pets inside when possible and keep your trash in your cans, and in your garages if you are able to. And avoid leaving your garage doors open when there is no need.


Community Barbecue Sunday 22nd

Hello everyone,

Our Community Barbecue is scheduled for Sunday, October 22nd, 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  Come to the Club House for food, music, and face painting for the kids!

A reminder that our community yard sale is next Saturday 8:00 am to 2 :00 pm.

On the subject of yard waste: our HOA continues to contact Waste Pro each day asking for an update on when they will collect our debris from Irma. Sadly, they are telling us it could be 3 more weeks before it gets removed.

Playground Reminder

Please remember the playground is for children 12 and under. Envera has alerted us to an issue in the recent days of teenagers dropped off by school buses jumping the playground fence as they wait for their younger siblings to also be dropped off. Please tell your teens they are welcome to go out to the back field area behind the playground to burn off excess energy while waiting for others but please do not jump the fence into the playground.

Thank you.