Email Scam Alert

Hello everyone:

People are reporting receiving emails from a previous management rep (Debra Wedge) that says there are important financials attached you need to view. This is a scam email and could possibly infect your computer if you try and open the attachment.
If you see this email please delete it. Make sure you are running virus protection on all your devices and that you have installed all updates for your operating system(s).
Here is an article from Consumer Reports about protecting yourself from scam emails.

Road Construction At Entrance

To all residents:

The construction at our entrance on 27 has begun. As the DOT said they would, they are closing off the intersection so you may only turn right when leaving the community. You will have to swing a U-turn at the next intersection when you need to go north. A number of our residents went to the hearing on this and asked to have a light placed there but the representative would not listen to any other solutions. 

It is an inconvenience we will have to live with until we can convince them to put a light there.

Tree Removal

The scrub oak trees along the exterior wall along Hwy 27 are now being removed by SECO. These trees have grown too tall and are interfering with the power lines and posing a danger during storms (they have been badly hacked up for the past few years as the utility company has tried to keep them away from the lines). They decided last year to remove them at no expense to the community. This work may take a few days so please be patient. Once they are removed the HOA will plant trees and shrubs that are more manageable and will not grow tall enough to reach the lines.

Thank you.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Hello everyone,

You can dispose of your old Christmas trees for yard waste pick-up. This week it is tomorrow (Saturday) because of the holiday, but will be back to Fridays next week.
Thanks to the resident who asked about this!
Happy New Year to all our residents!