Pools Re-Opening Tomorrow

Hello residents,

The pools have been repaired and will re-open tomorrow.

Once the infection rates drop we are looking to have them open at least 1 day on the weekend.

Please remember that only residents who live in Weston Hills are allowed to the pools at this time.

Thank you.

Scam Alert: Aptive Lawn Pest Control

Hello residents,

We had a salesperson in our neighborhood this evening trying to sign residents up for pest control under the company name of Aptive. The person gets into the neighborhood and then drives around on a hoverboard, door to door.

There are male and female salespeople, but they always drive around on a hoverboard to sign people up. The salespeople are dressed in polo shirts with the logo and khaki shorts or pants. They promise pest control for your yard and get a 3 month payment from a homeowner. But the service never gets done. 

If you try to contact the company, emails go unanswered and if you call them by phone they say they will only answer emails sent to them. This company is a scam. Do not get taken in by them.

The woman has been escorted out of Weston Hills, but if she comes back in (or any rep from Aptive) and you are asked to sign up for lawn pest control: 1) tell them soliciting is not allowed in the community and 2) call Irene on the HOA Board at 609-705-5733. She will have them kicked out of Weston Hills.

Thank you.

Pool Closure Update

Hello everyone,

The pool maintenance people were unable to fix the pumps today. (They were damaged the other day by the lightning storm that blew through). The company will continue to work on it tomorrow. As for now, please plan on the pools being closed for the rest of the week. If, by some chance, the problem gets resolved in the next day or two we will re-open them. 

Thank you for your understanding with this matter.

Pools Closed Today Because of Storm [UPDATED]

Hello residents,

The lightning from the storms last night did damage to the pool systems. The pools will be closed today as they are repaired.

We are also aware the front gates are open. This was also from the storm last night. We will have them repaired as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

UPDATE: The front gates are now operational.

Bear Sighting on Autumn Glen

We want to alert all residents that a large bear was just spotted on Autumn Glen near where Brook Hollow ends.
Please be extra careful if you are going out and do not attempt to approach it if you see it.
We are alerting the Lake County Sheriff’s Office about the sighting. If you see the bear please contact the LCSO at their non-emergency number:  (352) 343-2101  

Bear Sighting

Change To Pool Schedule


Due to no one showing up, the Wednesday evening adults-only swim time from 6 PM to 7 PM has been removed from the pool schedule.

And as some residents have asked about it, the Board is looking into shifting the operating days to include the weekends. We will post an update if this change can be made.

Thank you.

Current Pool Rules Issue

Dear Residents of Weston Hills HOA,

               We are having lots of owners bringing in guests to the pool however due to COVID-19 still lingering around, the Weston Hills HOA pool is ONLY for listed residents with a Photo ID, your address must be listed on the Photo ID. These hours and restrictions were advised by the community attorney, insurance company, and the CDC guidelines. Please DO NOT bring your guests to the pool.

Thank you,

Premier Association Management of Central Florida, Inc.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of

Weston Hills Homeowners Association, Inc.

Tropical Storm Isaias Update #4

Good morning everyone,

The good news is Hurricane Isaias has been downgraded to a tropical storm. It’s speed has decreased again so rain and wind may not reach us until this afternoon, but they also won’t be severe. Just be prepared for bands of rain to pass through and some breezy conditions.

Current path of Tropical Storm Isaias

For up-to-the-minute reports on Isaias, tune in to your local TV station [with its proximity, stations will have regular updates].

Again, please stay safe!

Hurricane Isaias Update #2

Good afternoon everyone,

Hurricane Isaias remains on it’s current path. It has shrunk a bit but will still bring rain and winds to our area, though forecast now to come tomorrow [Sunday] and last into Monday.

Here is the Channel 9 update from noon today:

Current Hurricane Isaias path as of 11 AM today.

Again, please stay safe and see our previous pasts for links to hurricane safety tips.