Day Light Savings Time & Watering Schedule

Hello everyone,

Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 4th. Remember to set your clocks back 1 hour before going to bed. If you forget you could end up at your job or appointments an hour early.

With the DST change the watering schedule goes back to once a week watering. Please see the schedule below for your watering day. NOTE: you will be looking at the Eastern Standard Time line on the chart. If you have any other question about watering you can explore the St. John’s Water District web page HERE.

Watering Schedule

Change To Envera Gate Procedure

Hello everyone,

Due to issues at the gate with visitors not being added to residents’ visitors lists, a change has been made in procedures:
Envera will now attempt only 1 phone call to the person they are there to see. If there is no answer, the visitor will be asked to move from the kiosk and call their visitor. This will prevent cars backing up in the visitor’s lane.
Please put your visitors on your list. This includes Uber, Lyft, and taxi drivers. If you do not have their name, please be ready to answer your phone when Envera calls to verify.
Thank you.

Reminders From Waste Pro

Hello everyone,

Waste Pro, our garbage and recycling company, has been in contact with the HOA Board and wanted us to remind all residents of a few things:

  • Items left outside the trash or recycling cans WILL NOT be picked up. This has been very apparent with appliance & electronics boxes. Please break them down and put them in the proper can. Waste Pro does not pick items outside of the cans.
  • The exclusion to things left outside the cans are large items: old appliances, furniture, etc. If you have these items please call Waste Pro. They will be glad to help you out, scheduling a pick-up. Call them at: 352-366-0352 
  • If you have any other questions about waste & recycling (missed pick-up, what can be recycled, etc) please call our service at 352-343-3776

Please see our Garbage & Recycling Page for more useful information.

Thank you.

October Update

Hello residents,

Here is some community information the HOA Board would like to let everyone know about.

  • Don’t forget that your HOA dues need to be paid by October 28th
  • Pool, Playground, and Basketball court hours will be changed to 9 am – 5 pm starting on Sunday October 28th.
  • Trick-or-Treating will be on Wednesday (the 31st) 5 pm to 8 pm. If you are not participating, please leave your porch lights off. All families participating please be considerate and by-pass any homes with their porch lights off. And drivers PLEASE drive extra carefully and be aware of the kids walking the neighborhood.
  • The front gates will be closed as usual. We will have security guards posted at the entrance to assist visitors. Please note: visitors MUST be on your Envera list to be let in on Halloween evening! Please update your list with Envera [see our Front Gate FAQ page if you need assistance in how to do this] before that evening. Security guards have been instructed to turn anyone away who is not on a resident’s gate list.

Thank you from our HOA Board.


Bear Activity In Community

Please be vigilant!

There was bear activity in our community last night. A resident’s garbage can was destroyed by a bear in the early A.M. hours; the bear attacked it to get at the garbage inside. The bear was caught on the resident’s video camera.

  1. Please keep your trash & recycling cans inside your garage
  2. Do not confront a bear if you see it

This happened at a home on the perimeter of the development next to the wooded area, but if the bear is in the community it could explore further in if attracted by garbage you have put in your trash can.

If you need to replace your trash or recycling can due to a hungry bear, or a different reason, please see our Trash/Recycling page for the phone number to call for a replacement.

Yard Clippings Issue

Hello residents:

There have been many instances noted lately of residents mowing their lawn and not picking up the leaves and grass clippings left in the streets. Clippings not picked up eventually wash into the storm drains and can cause them to clog.

If  our sewer drains have to be cleaned out due to build up of yard waste, the HOA will have no recourse but to put that cost into a special assessment that comes out of the finances of the community, possibly leading to increases in HOA dues. The community is already paying for services and repairs to the landscape due to the extremely cold weather we had last winter (landscape replacement, repair to bust irrigation pipes), the cost of having the sewers cleaned out is a major expense we don’t want to have to also pay for.

Thank you.