Painting Your Home

We have a list of paint colors (links to these colors are included when possible) below. Please remember you need ARB approval before you begin painting. . Many of these colors are Valspar colors which you can obtain at Lowe’s and Ace Hardware stores. You can also take the paint samples at one store to your favorite paint or hardware store as they all will have color-matching systems.

Exterior Color Selections

Entry Door Color Selection

Concrete Color Selections

  • Spanish Parador [#PFC-32 Behr]
  • Pacific Fog [#PFC-62 Behr]
  • Inviting Veranda [#PFC-11 Behr]
  • White Cloud [#PFC-72 Behr]
  • Cream [Dyco]
  • Khaki [Dyco]
  • Bone [Dyco]
  • Cement [Dyco]
  • Ginger Snap [Dyco]