Road Resurfacing

Hello Residents,

Here are some pictures of the front gate area. We thank all the volunteers who monitored the school bus pick-up and drop-off areas. We also had the waiting area lit up for the students’ safety during the early morning hours.


[NEW 1/13/2017] Dumpsters will be located at access roads Mayflower Loop, Autumn Glen Avenue, Bay Vista Drive and at the Clubhouse.

No Bulk is allowed to be placed in these Dumpsters – trash and recycling only!

Please do not place bulk or yard waste on curbs, easements or driveways until further notice.

Please notify all of your vendors that they cannot access community until Feb 5th 2017 *Weather permitting*

On your roads resurfacing day you MUST be out of your driveway by 7 am or plan to stay in your driveway for the 24 hours.

If you parked on the street when it comes time to do your roads, your vehicle will be towed there will be no exceptions.

No pets, bicycles, motor scooters, hover boards, bare feet, and/or wheelchairs can be used on the newly resurfaced roads for 7 days.

Please limit guests during the 2 weeks this project takes place.

All sprinklers MUST be shut off from Monday evening Jan 16th until Jan 30th.

If you are planning to sand or tarp your driveway you must only do this AFTER your road’s 24 hours is completed.

Remember no pick up for your children at the clubhouse on January 18th 2017 thru February 3rd 2017. They must meet at the Pedestrian gate and volunteers/police officers will be there to help with getting children on and off their school buses. February 6th 2017 they will resume pick up and drop off at the Clubhouse.

If you are using the virtual guard to access the community. Now is a good time to purchase RFID stickers as the road project may delay the virtual guard entrance and cause long lines.

In Case of Emergencies please Dial 911, emergency services will be able to get to your home.


(This is all with weather permitting and we suggest all residents check on a daily basis for the most up to date information and changes to the schedule)


Weston Hills Board of Directors


  • [NEW 1/11/2017] We are looking for volunteers to help monitor the school bus pick-up and drop-off area in front of the community during our resurfacing project. If you can spare an hour or two on any of the needed days, please call 609-705-5733 and let us know.
  • [NEW 1/8/2017] Mail Delivery – Mail will delivered to mailbox units except the ones that are in resurfacing areas on that day.


[NEW 1/11/2017] Street Maps And Dates

NOTE: There will be adjustments coming to Day 3 because of an issue with the Autumn Glen resurfacing logistics. All other days are currently correct.

Full Map


Day 1 = Wednesday, January 18th


Day 2 = Thursday, January 19th


Day 3 = Friday, January 20th


Day 4 = Wednesday, January 25th


Day 5 = Thursday, January 26th



  • [NEW 1/5/16] Resurfacing will happen in 3 day stretches: January 18th, 19th, and 20th (Wed-Fri) and then January 25th, 26th, and 27th (Wed-Fri). Maps of streets affected and the day they will be resurfaced will be posted by this evening. Please alert any vendors you have to please finish or suspend service on the 17th for those 2 weeks. Large vehicles may be turned away at the gates. We will have Lake County police officers monitoring the front gates during the  morning and afternoon to assist us. On the 26th and 27th, we will have officers here for 24 hours as incoming and outgoing traffic will be using the same gate. Please watch your speed and be extra cautious when you are leaving or coming in to the community on those days.
  • Road resurfacing will begin on the 17th. The project could take approximately a week but possibly longer if rain causes delays. The main resurfacing will take 5 days. Additional days are set aside for striping the newly finished roads. Please monitor the main web page for updates on the final street schedule (it will also be posted here).
  • When your road is being resurfaced, you will need to park your vehicles elsewhere in the neighborhood. Towing of vehicles will be suspended for 2 weeks. On-street parking will be allowed. Please be aware that many streets will only be parking on one side so emergency vehicles can get through if needed. Roads will be marked in that case. Over night parking at the club house will also be allowed.
  • VEHICLES AND PEDESTRIANS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON RESURFACED ROADS FOR 24 HOURS! Vehicles and foot traffic will damage the work if it is not dry! Not to mention,  PDC, the resurfacing material, will then be tracked unto other areas if walked/driven over while wet. It will stick to tires and shoes and damage them, and will stain driveways, sidewalks, tile, & carpeting if tracked onto these surfaces.
  • The resurfacing has been divided in to 5 days of work. One more day will be for re-striping the roads but will not lead to the same type of driving restrictions – the striping paint dries quickly. Please check for your street & day. Work is expected to start around 8 AM each day. Before your day please park the vehicle(s) you will need to use on available streets or the club house parking lot. We will indicate areas you may park in. Please plan your work and activities around your resurfacing day.
  • Large vehicles will not be allowed in the community. This includes garbage/recycling trucks. Large dumpsters will be placed in 3 locations in the community. You can use these to dispose of your trash in. Exact locations will be listed soon.
  • Bus pick-up for children will have to be out on Hwy 27 at the pull-over area. Volunteers will monitor the area to help children loading and unloading during pick-ups and drop-offs during the resurfacing days. If you would like to also volunteer and help out during this time, please email or call us!

Pavement Dressing Conditioner (PDC) Asphalt Rejuvenator

®PDC was originally designed for airport runways to prevent hydroplaning and FOD damage some 40+ years ago, however, 30 years ago, it was introduced to the public sector for parking lots and roadways.

®PDC is made up of the same products asphalt is so it is able to penetrate the asphalt cap and recondition it by restoring the tars and oils lost due to oxidation. Once applied, these products actually reverse the aging process of your asphalt, thus extending the life of your pavement.

The rejuvenation process is uneventful and more of an inconvenience than anything. It is important that all residents be aware of the schedule and be as patient as possible with my team as well as fellow residents. To help ensure that all goes smoothly, please make sure the following occurs prior to our arrival:

  • Cancel any type of lawn service or garbage removal
  • Turn-off irrigation 24 hours prior to the start of project and you will be notified when to turn them back on
  • Remove vehicles from scheduled roadways
  • Notify newspaper, UPS, Fed Ex, or any regularly scheduled delivery, etc. of work schedule
  • Please inform any domestic employees or home health care assistants that visit your property regularly

Once on site, the resurfacing team will begin to barricade off the designated roadways for the work scheduled for that day. Please refer to the maps provided and be aware of where they are to help make your travels easier. [NOTE: Maps to be posted soon. -Web Master]

Once the barricades or cones are in place, the crew will begin to remove all debris from the roadways using high pressured blowers designed to eliminate loose rock, debris, sand and dirt. Please stand back from these blowers as the debris being removed will hurt you.

Once the roads are clear, the crew will begin rolling the edges of your roadways or “cutting in” to allow for a smooth, crisp edge.

Once the material is heated to the proper temperature, the application process begins. Do not drive on the treated pavement for a minimum of 24 hours. Upon their arrival to site the following morning, the crew will inspect the roadways and open them for traffic. There may be some areas that are still tacky depending on the humidity levels that morning. PDC can track due to bicycle tires, bare feet, shoes, skateboards, rollerblades, etc. so please be careful.

Once completed, the roadway will take 30-45 days to cure. During this curing process, the roads will appear streaky and shiny. This is due to the different levels of compaction as some areas take longer for the PDC to penetrate.

Once the roads are completed, the crew will walk the area and touch up any missed areas.

There will be an odor associated with the process. Do not worry, it will go away once cured.

Do not use any type of degreasers or chemical processes to clean your driveways or sidewalks during the first 45 days. These types of cleaners will eat off the PDC from the surface of your pavement and leave unsightly blemishes to your newly treated roadways.

Try to avoid scheduling anything that might require footer plates or any heavy vehicles on site for the first 30 days to avoid scarring or damaging your newly treated asphalt.

To avoid spalling or “pocking” do not stop or start your vehicles abruptly as this will cause scarring.

There will be some spalling automatically so to help minimize this condition, try to avoid turning your wheels while in a stationary position.

When walking the neighborhood or jogging, etc., remove your shoes before going inside.

DO NOT walk on this barefoot for at least 1 week. Please call our office for cleaning instructions if tracking occurs.

Do’s and Don’ts While Wet

DON’T walk on it: It will track on your homes and carpets

DON’T drive on it: It will track on to concrete

DON’T allow children or pets on it: It will stick to shoes, paws, feet, tile, etc

DO plan ahead: You may have to walk to your vehicle while it dries. Keep this in mind as you schedule your activities.

DO check your shoes before entering your house.

Please watch out for construction crews and drive carefully.

After the scheduled project for your street is done, you may want to lightly sand your driveway with play sand from the street edge to about 10 feet up in your driveway. This will help keep any stray resurfacing material getting stuck on your driveway. DO NOT sand before your street is done!


If you have questions please email us at or contact Shiela/Premier Management, and someone will respond back to you as quickly as we can. We will also post answers to common questions here on this page so other residents with the same concerns will get the answers they need. The paving company, Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, has provided contact information below. Please only use these numbers in cases where you cannot reach the Board or Sheila and you need answers quickly. Thank you

Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc.

Connie Lorenz is overseeing our project but please use the contacts below. Connie is often on-sight at other projects so these employees can answer questions or get messages to Connie.

George Ring – Director

Newman “Jimmy” Tarr – Supervisor

Jennifer Agravat – Office Manager